Sheet Piling

screwpile2SFL PILETECH manufacture a light weight sheet piling system using coils of sheet steel from 1,200mm to 1,500mm wide and thickness from 3mm to 8mm. We also use and distribute heavy weight hot rolled sheet piles which are imported into Australia by various suppliers. Sheet piling is commonly used to retain boundary walls during construction in situations where the adjacent buildings are deemed tolerant to the vibration that will occur during the installation process.

Due to limited availability of light weight sheet piles in Australia and a choice of only two different lengths, SFL Piletech developed its own interlocking sheet pile system which is designed and manufactured to suit specific projects. We have also developed a screw-in anchor system to suit most sheet piling systems. This system has decreased construction time significantly by using screw anchors that are installed in less than twenty minutes and loaded immediately. This then enables the excavation process to continue without site stoppages usually associated with curing times of conventional anchors.

Installation of the sheet piles is undertaken using a method of high frequency, resin free, vibration equipment transferred through the drive head configuration from either excavator, crane or mast piling rig. Sheet piling can be incorporated into the design of a project to be a sacrificial or permanent retaining element of construction and is able to penetrate depths of up to 24 metres depending on the geotechnical conditions of the site.

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