Screw Piling

pile-screwSFL Piletech specialises in structural screw piles and is one of the industry leaders in the market today. SFL Piletech offers a diverse range of screw piles for loads up to 100 tonne or 1000 kN SWL. In some cases loads can exceed this base limit and SFL Piletech has a team of engineers able to calculate specially designed screw piles for almost all load cases, and situations.


There are many benefits of screw piles over other systems including;

  • ¬†Up to 20 times faster installation then driven piles,
  • Vibration-less,
  • No dewatering requirements,
  • Re usable, recyclable,
  • Suitable for all soil types,
  • Installed using calibrated torque correlation to soil type and strength.
  • No reinforcement requirements
  • Simple connection to footings and structures above
  • Can be used as out of ground sub floor supports
  • Immediate load restraint
  • Eco sensitive, minimal impact
  • Nil onsite spoil

Screw piles transfer building loads via the shaft (typically CHS section, 76mm OD-406mmOD) to the helix located at the bottom of the shaft. Sizes and thicknesses of each member is engineer designed to allow for all design loads and geotechnical conditions.

SFL Piletech also offers specialised testing equipment for screw piles (static load testing, and lateral load testing), SFL Piletech manufactures all screw pile and components in its large 2500sqm factory located in Yatala, south Brisbane QLD. This manufacturing facility is capable of supplying large volume screw piles at short notice, all whilst under the supervision of design engineers.

pile-screw-2 pile-screw-4