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Piling Systems: Driven Steel and Timber Piles

Driven Steel and Timber Piles

Using timber or steel sections, driven piles are vibrated or hammered into the ground with our specialist hydraulic hammer rigs. These piles require no curing time and because they can be driven in natural sequence (as opposed to skipping alternate piles) offer both time and cost benefits. Furthermore, they produce no spoil and as such are well suited to areas of known contaminated land, acid sulphate areas and even harsh marine environments.



A specialist hammer rig is used to drive piles into the ground and compact the surrounding soil. Working in tandem with other driven piles, mass densification can occur; increasing the load carrying capacity of each pile. As each pile is driven in the density of the soil around can improve, making driven piles more suitable for challenging conditions, such as very loose water charged ground.


Benefits of Driven Piles:

• Produce no spoil
• Require no curing time
• Require minimal site preparation
• Suitable for a variety of ground conditions
• Require only relatively small and lightweight equipment resulting in minimal site access issues
• Known structural strength that does not vary