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Piling Systems: Bored Piling

Bored Piling

Generally used as a foundation solution where the ground conditions are stable and allow an end bearing stratum to be reached, bored piles are commonly used for tall buildings or large industrial complexes that require a high load carrying capacity. Reaching depths of up to 18 metres, our new state of the art piling rigs can meet most project requirements by offering bored pile sizes of between 200 and 1800mm in diameter.


Bored piles are constructed with circular augers excavating the soil and filled with steel reinforcement and concrete. Specific construction methods will depend on such things as the geotechnical conditions of the site and the required length of the pile, however our in-house engineering and design team will work with you to find the most efficient and economical solution.

Benefits of Bored Piling:

• Offer a cost effective and quick solution to projects that require multiple load cases to be applied to the pile
• Very adaptable to most site conditions and circumstances
• Little vibration and low noise
• Most suitable for clayey soil types
• Simple installation process