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Earth Retention Solutions

Earth Retention Solutions

SFL Piletech can design, manufacture and complete earth retention solutions for a wide variety of projects; including basements, bridge abutments, seawalls, and embankments. Our superior design and manufacturing capabilities mean we can use a combination of sheet, soldier and concrete piling and a variety of anchoring types to create a customised solution that best suits your project.

Soldier Pile Retention Systems

Used in areas where the geotechnical profile is of a cohesive nature with little groundwater present, soldier pile walls are a cost effective alternative to sheet piling and other shoring solutions. The system is quick to install and suitable for applications where settlement and displacement cannot be tolerated. The stability of the retaining wall is provided by the reinforcing cage, installed into the pile enabling it to counter leave out of the ground; or struts and anchors, and can be fully self-supporting in shallow excavations.

Revetment Wall Remedial Work

To combat problems of subsidence and displacement we have carried out a number of sea wall revetment remedial projects. These range from piling, concreting and reinstating walls to casting new concrete revetment walls and installing bore hole inclinometers. This work is done using an overwater barge in fluctuating tidal ranges. The majority of remedial work is done using our screw pile product, however we work with clients to create the most effective solution given our wide range of piling options.

Anchoring Systems

Our unique screw-in anchoring and soil nailing system can be used for emergency, temporary or permanent works and unlike most other anchoring systems they can be loaded immediately after installation and do not require any curing time. Applications include road subsidence and land slips.